Michael Joe Kirkbride was born in New Jersey. Although he has spentmost of his life in California. He displayed an interest early in art, drawing fromcartoons, comics and Mad Magazines. His First Commission was a Junior High Year Book cover. He remained involved in art through High school. He left ArtSchool at 18 to become a professional musician. Years later returning to school study art spending three years at the College of Marin studying painting and Illustration.Then 6 years at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, studying Painting, Drawing and,Digital Illustration. After two more years studying computer design, Michael began a career as a freelance illustrator. He did work for clients like AT&T and the Bloomberg Corp. While pursuing his career as an illustrator he continued to paint. Soon he was making more money doing painting commissions and selling paintings. He decided to paint full time and also began to began to get involved in printmaking. This has led to more corporate work. His work has appeared in Resorts and corporate buildings across the country. Including: The Hilton in Emeryville and San Francisco, Castlewood and Manchester Resorts and most recently the new Federal Building in San Francisco.He sells paintings in Galleries Festivals and takes private commissions



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